What Is The Bacon And Barrels Saarloos Festival

What Is The Bacon And Barrels Saarloos Festival

It is a wonderful festival where you can indulge yourself in bacon, bourbon, beer and some more amazing things until your heart’s content. It is also a spectacular time where you can have a lot of drinks and eat amazing food with your friends and family members.

The whole idea behind the festival is that you can drink wine, beer, bourbon, and also eat as much bacon as you want. It is a weekend-long event that showcases the hour and bacon from a lot of restaurants around California. There is also a vineyard very close to the event, and you will find some amazing options of wine in this place. Wine is prominent in this event as well.

What Is The Bacon And Barrels Saarloos Festival

The festival actually kicks off on the night before with actually a very special VIP dinner. The four-course dinner actually includes prosciutto, and you can eat pate as well. You also have access to some fried fritters. A lot of people bring in some pork stuffed Shanks, roasted pork loin, sausage links and a lot of pretzel bread. For dessert, you can eat shortcake ice cream sandwiches, and some people bring popsicles.

On July 19, a lot of chefs will actually provide you with a taste of dishes that highlight bacon. The festival-goers will be able to sip beer samples, bourbon samples and wine samples as well. Once you have tasted multiple ones, you can choose the one that you like, and you can order it. You need to consider one thing. The general price of admission is $60 if you book it online in advance. If you want to buy a ticket at the door, it is $70. You will also be given a souvenir glass, and you will have access to all the food and beverage tastings. If you want early access to the festival, you will have to pay $80-$90. If you want full VIP access, it is $325 per person, and it includes an invitation for the VIP break in dinner on the night of the 18th, which will give you early entrants into the festival. It will give you access to the VIP lounge and all the tastings where you will participate with chefs. You will also be given an entry to the branch on Sunday, which is actually very popular.

If you are planning on just having bacon, you can get a presale ticket for just $30 or $40 at the door. But, you need to understand that you will not have access to any of the alcoholic drinks which are actually very popular. You definitely have to try the beer and wine here. It is just spectacular. It beats acting as the designated driver.

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