We get it, you’re head is filled with bacon. Here’s a guide to our most frequently asked questions.

When is Bacon & Barrels at Saarloos and Sons Field?

Bacon & Barrels at Saarloos and Sons Field will be held July 19-21 in Los Olivos, California in the beautiful Santa Ynez Valley.

What is Bacon & Barrels at Saarloos and Sons Field?
Bacon & Barrels at Saarloos and Sons is a festival dedicated to America’s favorite cured meat: bacon! At Bacon & Barrels at Saarloos and Sons Field, the Central Coast’s best chefs concoct and serve brilliant bacon dishes to passionate bacon lovers. Liquor sponsors will provide cocktails, beer and wine designed to complement a bacon meal. Bacontrepreneurs and bacon-friendly brands will exhibit their wares and connect with our bacon community. Exhibits meant to educate, connect, and inspire attendees to eat local, including a piggy petting zoo will be on hand. Celebrity Judges will award the Jefe del Porko award to the top Chef and Mixologist of the day for achievement in the bacon arts. It is a raucous, rockin’ good time for everybody.

Does Bacon & Barrels at Saarloos and Sons Field give back?
Absolutely! Bacon & Barrels is a fundraiser for the Santa Ynez Valley Visitors Association, a 501c6 in partnership with Event Production Company, Create Promotions.

How much are tickets? How can I get them?!
Tickets range from $20-200 and will be available for purchase online beginning April 1, 2013.

What if I don’t drink?
We have a special ticket for the non-drinkers, and our bacon loving friends under 21. Enjoy the festival, and the many fun times offered- we’ll have soda and non-alcoholic beverages available at the event.

Are kids allowed?
We hate to discriminate against the next generation of Bacon-lovers, but we do ask that parents are aware that there will be drinking at the event. Kids over 2 will need to have a ticket.

Why are tickets non-transferable?
We want to discourage ticket-scalping. We don’t think there’s a lot of value added by having tickets floating about in a secondary ticket market (ie. scalpers and resellers). We have calculated our ticket price to be a good match for the value of the experience received and would hate to see someone pay way more than our intended ticket price for the same experience as somebody who paid the face value. So, we check IDs to make sure that the ticket holder is the same as the ticket purchaser and we limit the number of tickets that each person can buy. If you have a legitimate, non-secondary-ticket-market-related need to transfer your tickets, drop us an email and we’ll try to accommodate you as best we can.

For more information, or to be a vendor at Bacon & Barrels please email info@createpromotions.com